Omdesign celebrates Unicer's 125 years

Omdesign celebrates Unicer's 125 years

Omdesign continues with the productions related with Unicer’s 125 years. After the literary work “Unicer, a long story”, the agency has created the exhibition “125 years building the future” as well as a special edition for the Super Bock 1927 beer Selection .

The Unicer exhibition is available in Leça do Balio production plant, in Matosinhos, and is exclusive for the company employees. Presented there, are stories, curiosities and the moments that marked Unicer, since its foundation in 1890.

Regarding the special and limited edition of “Unicer 125 years” Super Bock 1927 Selection, it is composed by label, neck hanger, booklet and packaging, which portray an ancient illustration about craft beer production.