Omdesign at the most expensive auction ever

Omdesign at the most expensive auction ever

Porto Ferreira Vintage 1815 was auctioned by Sotheby’s, at the Tower of London, and sold by €6,800, a value that was offered to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Portuguese Association (APELA). Portuguese creativity was represented by Omdesign which developed, created and produced the new concept “Luxury of Time” for this event.

All materials were developed by the agency from Matosinhos, namely the Vintage 1815 packaging, which is an exclusive and unique edition, highly luxurious, with silver, natural skin and exotic wood. Totally handmade, the packaging has also a booklet and a certificate of authenticity of the Port wine.

Omdesign was also responsible for the luxurious decanter, made in crystal and silver, a new model exclusively created to Porto Ferreira. The piece was fully crafted and hand-engraved, illustrated with the famous crockery, offered by the Portuguese to the 1st Duke of Wellington, and the Douro landscape.

Its packaging was also produced with the same great materials of the Vintage 1815. This was the first Porto Ferreira wine to be marketed under the concept and identity “Luxury of Time”, entirely developed by Omdesign. Also as part of this project, Omdesign produced and directed the film that portrays the essence and the concept "Luxury of Time". Inspired by time, this film is available on the new microsite, also created for the wines of Porto Ferreira "Luxury of Time" - www.portoferreira.pt.
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