Canderel chocolates have a new image

Canderel chocolates have a new image

The range of Canderel’s chocolates with Stevia extracts, a brand that belongs to Imperial, has a new image. According to the agency Omdesign, responsible by this renewal, the brand intends to “reinforce its position in the health and wellness segments in Portugal”.

“The range of Canderel with Stevia has now more attractive and stylish new colors, strongly related with balance and well-being, and presents itself with fashionable lines, to best approach the brand’s target, winning new costumers and loyalty from their current ones”, refers Omdesign in a statement.

Available in familiar blocks (100g) and also in individual snacks (20g), Canderel chocolates with Stevia are available in different flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate with nuggets, fruit flavor, crispy cereals and almonds.

These items are already in the market with the new image in hyper and supermarkets, in health and wellness specializing stores and also in pharmacies.
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