Muse Creative Awards gives 12 awards to Omdesign

Muse Creative Awards gives 12 awards to Omdesign

Four Platinum, six Gold and two Rose Gold are the awards won by Omdesign at the Muse Creative Awards. The distinctions were decided by a panel of 47 jurors from leading communication and marketing companies globally.
The agency from Leça da Palmeira was recognized with 12 prizes awarded to the projects created for Blandy's, Câmara Municipal de Penacova, Justino's, Murganheira, Porto Ferreira, Quinta de Ventozelo, Quinta do Vallado, Ramos Pinto and Unicer brands. The "Omdesign 2015" self-promotion packaging was also awarded in the "Packaging" category, where the agency stood out as the most distinguished entrant this year.
Omdesign's award-winning projects (books, visitor centres, packagings, films and exhibitions) corroborate the consistency and variety of areas in which the company operates, and are simultaneously recognition of the quality of Portuguese design.
It is the first time the agency participates in this competition, which counted with inscriptions coming from 35 countries. Among the winners are also works for Walt Disney Pictures, Samsung, Jaguar, BMW and Sony Pictures. It should be noted that this year, to date, a total of 16 awards have been given to Omdesign in different international competitions.
The 12 prizes won at the Muse Creative Awards were:
- Platinum | Project: Blandy's rebranding | Category: Packaging
- Platinum | Project: Porto Ferreira "Vintage 1815" packagings | Category: Packaging
- Platinum | Project: Quinta do Vallado "300 Years in the Heart of the Douro" book | Category: Book
- Platinum | Project: Super Bock House of Beer | Category: Interactive Brand Experience
- Gold | Project: Ramos Pinto packaging - "João Nicolau de Almeida" special edition | Category: Packaging
- Gold | Project: Omdesign 2015 packaging | Category: Packaging
- Gold | Project: Vintage Murganheira packaging - "Mestre Júlio Resende" special edition | Category: Packaging
- Gold | Project: Quinta de Ventozelo olive oil | Category: Packaging
- Gold | Project: "Martins da Costa - Contos Vividos " book created for Câmara Municipal de Penacova | Category: Book
- Gold | Project: Porto Ferreira film - Waterloo Vintage 1815 | Category: Film
- Gold Rose | Project: Justino’s premium packaging | Category: Packaging
- Gold Rose | Project: 125 Years Unicer exhibition | Category: Trade Show / Exhibit / Interior
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