Omdesign signs Sika's return to TV

Omdesign signs Sika's return to TV

Waterproofing the roof of a house does not have to be complicated. Who says it is Sika in its latest multi-media campaign, which marks the return of the civil construction chemical products label to television.

Omdesign is responsible for the creativity of the campaign, which includes two video spots and a radio one with the slogan "Sempre a parar a chuva e agora o calor!” (Always stopping the rain and now the heat!). Sika's goal is to strengthen its position in the roof waterproofing Portuguese market, by promoting the new Sikagard - Pele Elástica Térmico.

According to Omdesign, Sika's communication signature was updated within the framework of this campaign to "Há mais de 100 anos a construir confiança" (Building trust for over a 100 years). In this way, it aims to highlight its centenary identity.