Quinta do Vallado celebrates 300 years with Omdesign

Quinta do Vallado celebrates 300 years with Omdesign

Omdesign was responsible for the design, layout and production of “Quinta do Vallado. 300 Years in the Heart of the Douro.”- a book that marks three centuries of Quinta do Vallado, one of the oldest and most famous “Quintas” in the Douro Valley.

This book was written by Gaspar Martins Pereira, a Portuguese professor and highly regarded historian from Porto. It has a preface signed by António Barreto and talks about the history of the brand and the family’s route along six generations, which have preserved its heritage until today.

“For this bilingual book, the agency from Leça da Palmeira (Portugal) has developed a dashing and appealing design for the 224 pages that compose it. In this way, the 300 years of Quinta do Vallado are presented in a fluent reading, supported by emblematic images that illustrate the past, the present and project the future. At the same time, these illustrations reflect the natural wealth and landscape, the diversity of products and the services that the Quinta has to offer, namely the wine tourism”, as described in statement.
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