"Super Bock House of Beer" by Omdesign

Super Bock House of Beer is the new visitor centre of the brand, located in Unicer’s Production Plant, at Leça do Balio. According to a statement by the brand, it is “a fully functioning ‘living house’ where it is possible to see the beer-making process, learn about the raw materials used, as well as the history, curiosities and the key moments that marked the iconic Super Bock beer.”

Omdesign was responsible for the identity, design, production and installation of this visitor centre. The development of contents and supports for all spaces was also signed by the agency from Porto, which chose solutions, materials and tones related to the universe and territory of the brand.

“Throughout the visit, there are many points of interest along ten different areas, namely the contact with the noble raw materials used to produce this ancient beverage, the Craft Beer Atelier – a completely independent “mini-factory”, in which the various processes involved in handcrafted beers production can be observed – and the Brew House, where the original copper boilers with more than 50 years have been kept until today”, refers the company statement.
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