Blandy’s rebranding with Omdesign signature

Blandy’s rebranding with Omdesign signature

The agency Omdesign was chosen for Blandy’s rebranding. With this new identity and range renewal, the Madeira wine brand intends to “reinforce its positioning and the premium nature of the brand and its wines”.

The advertising agency explains they wanted to create “a more authentic, up-to-date and differentiating identity, using noble tones, that was inspired by the strong tradition of the company, which has been run by seven generations of the same family, since 1811”.

The new Blandy’s image has additional features, namely the Blandy family crest, which reinforces the date the company was established, as well as the symbol of the oak casks, where wines rest for a long time.

Frasqueira wines have now an image composed by the traditional handmade painting, referring the grape variety and the year, and also a numbered label with information about the cask and the cellar where the wine evolved.

The premium packagings display the new logotype and family crest, heat engraved on top of the wooden box. Inside, there is a certificate of quality and origin of these wines, as well as a brochure signed by the CEO of the company, Chris Blandy.

The agency from Leça da Palmeira, which works with Blandy Group since 2003, has also developped new packagings in oak wood and cardboard for the superior categories.